Axon Pest Control
Decontamination, Disinfaction, muscle killings

Pest Control, disinfections, muscle killings, Chania

Axon Pest Control is a pest control company, and offers a wide range of solutions and services to the industry. Specialized and experienced, scientific, technical and clerical staff have been operating successfully at Chania and Rethymno since 2007. It supports food businesses, individuals and public organizations. With a network of partners, it covers all of Crete.

Pest Control

We are trusted by more than 5000 satisfied customers as experts in public health pest control and management.


Axon Apolymantiki offers professional and specialized services to combat viruses, bacteria and fungi. It offers a range of specialist air sterilization services and products to help you protect your staff, customers and businesses in the new reality of COVID-19. It secures public and private businesses as well as individuals who could be affected by potentially dangerous situations by quickly and safely eliminating harmful pathogens.

Pest Control, disinfestations, mosquito killings, Chania

The leader in commercial pest control

Our experience in pest control enables us to provide specialist and reliable services to commercial and private clients throughout Crete.

Inner peace

With extensive experience in a wide range of industrial sectors we work to minimize the threat of pests and related pathogens to your business.

Protecting your reputation

We take a two-pronged approach, incorporating both preventative and remedial strategies to enhance your business’s protection through a holistic, integrated pest management program.