The protection of our staff and customers during the coronavirus crisis is our highest priority

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are taking great care to ensure our staff and customers have the highest level of protection.

What are we doing for our customers during the coronavirus pandemic?

As a responsible organization committed to protecting people, we will be closely monitoring the situation and providing informative updates to our customers.

We want you to be assured that our colleagues will not pose an additional risk to our customers and their employees. We implement actions and train to ensure the continued provision of a safe and high level of service, whilst adhering to government guidance and being sensitive to customer health and safety requirements.

Will there be changes to our service levels to you?

The health and safety of our colleagues and customers is of the utmost importance to us and we will not offer our services if we are not sure it is safe to do so. We aim to keep disruption to a minimum. However, the following restrictions have been put in place for security reasons.

Axon Pest Control will not provide any type of service in medical treatment rooms or quarantine areas used to care for patients who have experienced COVID-19, unless they are specifically trained to do so.

What do we do for our employees?

As long as there are active cases and special health guidelines in our country, we are implementing risk control measures to ensure that the exposure of colleagues to the risks of infection is reduced, helping to protect them and the customers they come into contact with. These checks may include the following:

Use of appropriate PPE, provided for the work required to be performed.

Increased supply and use of PPE, particularly N95 and FFP2 face masks

  • Quarantine coworkers who develop symptoms after exposure to infected individuals.
  • Regular and good hand hygiene using soap and water to ensure hands are thoroughly dried and immediately after applying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer solution.
  • Use of appropriate PPE, provided for the work required to be performed.
  • Ensuring cuts and abrasions are kept clean, treated and covered with waterproof dressings.

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Social distancing

We are practicing social distancing to limit contact with potentially infected people to ensure our core back-office functions continue to be able to serve our customers without putting other colleagues at risk.

Suspicious cases

If a colleague develops a fever or symptoms of respiratory illness, or if they have had close contact with someone showing symptoms, they have been instructed to stay home and seek advice from their healthcare provider.