Disinfection of Vehicles

Our company provides effective vehicle disinfection services with a proven reduction in the risk of transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi.

We offer effective vehicle disinfection services with a proven reduction in the risk of spreading germs.

All businesses providing services as well as trading and delivering goods use vehicles. it is necessary to ensure the protection of staff and customers. businesses are implementing important hygiene and social distancing measures to prevent more outbreaks of COVID-19. it is important to understand that the virus can remain stable on different surfaces from a few hours to three days.

The atmosphere as well as the surfaces of vehicles can be contaminated with aerosols coming from coughing or sneezing as well as from touch.

Fog spraying of vehicles

Fog spraying of vehicles is the fastest way to disinfect large volumes of air and surfaces. disinfection of larger surfaces and volumes is achieved with minimal interruption of vehicle operation.

Specialized air and surface disinfection

Spraying eliminates 99.99% of a wide range of pathogens. applications are performed by fully trained and equipped technicians.

Suitable for all types of commercial vehicles, back to work within an hour

The vehicle sanitizing service is suitable for most essential means of transport such as taxis buses coaches public transport and local authority vehicles

Our specially trained technical staff are on hand to ensure there is minimal disruption to your business and your vehicles are back road ready within an hour of service completion

Emergency vehicles

Ambulances and other emergency vehicles may require specialized cleaning and disinfection if they have transported a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.

Courier courier vehicles

The coronavirus pandemic has led to an explosion in home deliveries, increasing the risk of surface contamination when goods enter and exit the vehicle, especially in high-volume situations such as sorting centers, distribution centers and shipping areas.

Public Transportation

Buses, taxis and trains can carry large numbers of passengers in confined spaces, increasing the risk of transmission with high-touch surfaces such as handrails and fabric seats.