We offer innovative pest control solutions tailored to your needs, helping to protect your staff, customers and brand reputation.

We provide specialist, reliable and professional pest management services to commercial and residential customers.

What is Disinfestation :
Disinfestation is the chemical control of insects based on the use of various insecticidal preparations intended to kill, hinder or affect the behavior and development of insects that are considered enemies or pests of a system.

What are we doing…

Suppression of insect invasion

With suppressive sprays and fast-acting insecticides we ensure the drastic reduction of the population and their effective control.

Control of insects and their foci.

Repulsion of insects harmful to public health (flying and crawling) from Private, Professional and Public spaces.

Prevention of insect invasion

With residual sprays, gel vaccination, sticky traps and insect traps we ensure effective control of their population.

All the insecticides we use:

  • They are approved by the Ministry of Rural Development
  • They are safe for humans and pets
  • They don’t stain
  • They do not corrode the sprayed surfaces

After each application:

We grant a CERTIFICATE of disinfestation, for each health check.