Fumigation services for wood-eating insects (woodworm)

Fumigation is effective against all stages of insect development and is used to help eliminate a variety of pests. It is particularly effective in global trade, agriculture and storage facilities.

Fumigation is a complex method of pest control with many variables that must be taken into account to ensure safe and effective treatment. Axon Pest Control offers specialist commercial fumigation services to support ensuring that commercial properties and business assets are kept free of pests, but also that the services are supervised by competent agronomists and carried out by technicians with the required knowledge, skills and experience.

Fumigation of buildings

Whole building fumigation is used to eliminate the infestation from within the building fabric. Where the buildings consist of large food production units to residences, when pest infestations are severe and alternative pest control measures are inadequate.

Pot fumigatoin (static)

Container fumigation applies to and treating a commodity in a standard shipping container or the empty box itself, to eliminate vermin and remove the risk of vermin or disease from entering or exiting a country.